Safety Questions

Do you have a safety policy?

Yes we do and our staff are trained in all aspects of karting centre safety. Please note, however, that karting is an inherently risky activity and our safety policy is designed to minimise that risk. We rely on drivers to adhere to the information you receive in your safety briefings.

What should I wear?

Proper crash helmet (with full face cover and a visor), comfortable loose fitting clothes, IKR gloves and racing suit, suitable shoes (i.e. trainers and not open toed sandals or high heels). If you are using one of our helmets then, for hygiene reasons, we also ask that you wear a head covering please and we sell cheap balaclavas at the counter, which you can keep for next time too of course.

Can I bring my own helmet?

Yes, no problem, as long as it has full face cover and a visor.

Do I get any training?

Yes, please make sure you turn up at least 30 minutes before you are due to drive so that you can receive your pre-race training and safety briefing.

What’s the minimum age for the Adult karts?

16 years…… but please note that you also need to fit the minimum height and leg length requirements.

What’s the minimum age for the Junior karts?

8 years………but please note that you also need to fit the minimum height and leg length requirements.

Is there a maximum height and weight limit for the karts?

Yes. The maximum height is 1.93m and the maximum weight is 19 stone (120.65 kg)

Can I go racing if I have a disability?

We are continually assessing what disability provision is available in the market and will be making decisions on a regular basis on whether or not we can make reasonable adjustments to accommodate them. We will post any changes on our website and on Facebook as appropriate.

Can I drive if I am ill (either temporarily or with a long term condition)?

You need to make your own judgement call here. If you have a temporary illness such as a bad cold etc. then you need to be clear that you can operate the kart safely and in line with the safety brief. Likewise, if you have a longer term condition that you think will compromise your ability to operate the kart safely then you should not be driving.

Can I drive a kart if I am pregnant?

No, we do not recommend that you drive if you are pregnant.

Can I drive if I am a wheelchair user?

You need to be able to depress the accelerator (right hand leg) and brake (left hand leg) with sufficient force to enable you to stop the kart safely.

Would I be allowed to drive if Track staff suspected I was under the influence of alcohol?

No. We have a zero-tolerance approach to alcohol at IKR. The Manager’s and/or Marshal’s word is final.

What happens if I ignore the Track Marshals’ directions?

The Track Marshals are responsible for looking after everyone’s safety. They may occasionally need to make decisions to stop or delay a race and we ask that you follow their directions/instruction fully please. Refusal to do so may result in you being denied the opportunity to continue with your drive. Thank you.

Is there a minimum height limit?

Drivers will need to be at least 130 cms in height and with an inside leg measurement of 52 cms or more.