Let’s Get Driven


Let’s Get Driven is a key ‘social enterprise’ element of Inverness Kart Raceway.

Using the draw of the karting activity, the provision of work experience and paid work, a clear-headed and value-laden ‘way of being’, and a grounding of learning in daily work, we are taking the opportunity to encourage young people to engage in a process of self improvement and build their suitability for work. “Work”, after all, “is good”.

‘Let’s Get Driven’ provides young people with a structured learning program, through SVQ’s and on-the-job practical experience, which leaves them with skills and qualifications upon which they can base their future careers.

‘Let’s Get Driven’ is designed to:

Inspire action
To promote active learning
To develop skills for employment
To provide choices

In addition, ‘Let’s Get Driven’ measures success by ‘hard’ measurable outcomes where it is clear whether or not participants complete their courses or secure work.

Underlying ‘Let’s Get Driven’ is a set of principles which are becoming a mantra for many of the young people coming through our care. These principles are:

Positive Thinking……..Self Reliance……..Leaving people and things better than you find them

The ‘draw’ of IKR, as the coolest place to be in Inverness, acts as a catalyst for disadvantaged young people to engage in a structured process of self improvement. Work experience and ‘industry approved’ SQA courses entwine, each relevant to the other and providing a daily/weekly ‘grounding’ of academic learning in real life work experience.

Inverness Kart Raceway……………DAY1…………….Let’s Get Driven

Three organisations……..One intent……….
………..to inspire Scotland’s young people to help themselves.