We want to ensure that both Drivers and other Guests to Inverness Kart Raceway have a safe and enjoyable experience. To that end, here are some things you will need to be aware of if you are keen to operate the karts safely.

Your capabilities

You will know your own capabilities better than anyone else so please do let us know, in advance getting into our karts, of any reasons that might affect your safe enjoyment of the activity. This might be a physical, mental or cultural reason and, whatever it is, please be responsible and let the duty Track staff or Booking office know well enough in advance for us to help if required. Thank you.

Driver Assessment

Our Track staff are responsible for ensuring that everyone is safe on the track. They will therefore undertake an assessment of each driver before and during each race and if they have concerns that your abilities, attitude, capabilities or physical condition may put either yourself or others at risk then you will be advised as such and would then be unable to drive.

Safety equipment

The following safety equipment is required before anyone can drive: An approved crash helmet, provided either by IKR or by yourself. If you are providing your own helmet then it must cover the full face and have a visor. Race suit and gloves. Trainers or other suitable footwear (not sandals or heeled shoes).

Operating the Kart

With others also driving round the track with you, you need to be able to operate the kart with 100% efficiency. There are three main controls on each kart: • Steering wheel – needs two handed operation • Accelerator – needs your right leg to extend and push the pedal with sufficient control so that you can adjust the speed of the kart and be safe. • Brake – needs your left leg to extend and push the pedal with sufficient control to be able to stop the kart safely whenever required and especially if there is an incident ahead of you on the track.

The Track environment

Indoor race tracks can be noisy, have low light levels and have some exhaust fumes present too. You need to be happy to accept this environment as part of your karting experience.

Your understanding of the Briefing/Training

All drivers will need to attend a safety briefing before any race event. If asked, you will need to be able to confirm your understanding of the content of the briefing, the safety features on the track, the warning lights, flags and any of the Track Marshals’ instructions.

Safety first

In summary, you need to be able to operate the kart controls safely and effectively, to wear the correct clothing, to understand the safety features on the track and to adhere to all the Marshals’ instructions without question. The Track Marshals are there to keep you safe and to ensure you have an enjoyable karting experience as a result. Out on the Track, they are the boss.