General Questions

IKR runs a tight schedule of races so please ensure that you turn up in good time and be ready with the correct clothing. To help you understand how it all works, here are some Questions and Answers below. If you have any further queries, then please do give us a call in advance of arriving at the centre. Thank you.

Is there free parking at the centre?

Yes, plenty of parking within a dedicated private carpark.

When are you open?

Monday to Friday – Midday to 10pm. Saturday – 10am to 10pm. Sunday – 10am to 9pm. If you would like to organise a drive outside of these hours then please do give us a call.

What time do I need to turn up?

At least 30 minutes before your driving slot please. You need to give yourselves time to check in, to receive your safety briefing and then to get changed into your driving gear. If in doubt, give us a call to make sure.

What happens if I turn up late?

Because we run to a tight schedule, one event will run into the next. This means that if you turn up late then you will most likely have lost your chance to drive I’m afraid.

Will I get a refund if I turn up late?

I’m afraid we cannot provide refunds in this case. If you can make sure you give us plenty of prior notice that you cannot make it, then we may be able to help with a refund but that will be at the Manager’s discretion. If you have made a block booking and only some of your party turn up then there is no rebate available for those no-shows.

What happens if IKR have to cancel an event?

Sometimes things happen and, in the unlikely case that we had to cancel a race then we will provide full refunds and/or a chance to book another time/date as you prefer.

Can I just turn up on spec?

Yes, no problem of course. We cannot guarantee that you’ll get a drive there and then because it depends on what other pre-booked events are happening. But if we can fit you in, we will. We would still strongly recommend that you book first though, or at least give us a call in advance to suss out how busy we think we are going to be.

Do I need to have a drivers licence?

Nope, no driver’s licence required.

What if I’ve never driven a kart before?

That’s fine. We will give you a training/safety briefing before you step in the kart and then our Track Marshall’s will be on hand to help if you are having trouble getting the hang of it.

Is there a minimum age limit?

Yes, 8 years old is the minimum age for karting at IKR. Please note that, as well as the person’s age, for safety reasons, they also need to fit the height and leg length criteria.

What are your Off Peak times?

Monday – Friday, drives starting before 5pm.

Can I smoke in the centre?

That’s a no. The IKR centre and its entrance areas are a non-smoking zone please.

What are the cancellation Terms?

Our cancellation terms are in line with the industry and with UK law and you can find full details within our Terms & Conditions.

Are you members of any professional bodies?

Yes, we are members of the National Karting Association and are fully supportive of their guidelines on safety, training, environmental issues and track management.

Can I race on the track with my children?

Yes, no problem……but please make sure you let them win!

Can I have exclusive use of the Track?

Yes, we have a range of packages that will give you exclusive access to the Track. Please check out the details within the relevant section: Adult, Junior, Stags & Hens, Corporate, Special Offer.

Can I take photos?

Yes, no problem.

Do you have food and drink available on site?

Yes we do. We have a selection of snacks and drinks.

Is there any alcohol on site?

IKR is an alcohol free zone and we will operate a zero-tolerance policy. If we detect that you may be under the influence of alcohol then we reserve the right to refuse you access to the karting activity. The Manager’s and/or Marshal’s say will be final so please don’t turn up after you’ve had a session at the pub. Thank you.

Can I get a record of my lap times?

Yes, we will provide a printout of your best lap time.

Do you provide trophies?

Yes we do. Trophies can be supplied by us for the purpose of photos. If you want to run a Corporate or any larger event and would like us to arrange for extra trophies, then we can do so. The extra cost will simply be added to your bill.