About Inverness Kart Raceway

IKR is not just a go-karting centre, it is a ‘social enterprise’ too.  What does that mean?  Well, IKR is set up and owned by an award winning local Highland charity, DAY1 www.day1.uk.com   DAY1 works with disadvantaged young people aged 14 to 17 years and helps them to discover some life direction focusing ultimately on moving into work.  Our mantra is ‘Work is Good’.

IKR and DAY1 are joined at the hip in helping to nurture and support young people into a life of sustainable and fulfilling work and, as DAY1’s social enterprise arm, IKR will act as a social enterprise on two fronts.  First, all (100%) profits are used to fund the DAY1 mentoring service for disadvantaged young people.  Second, the karting and associated activities will be used to engage young people (14 to 17) in a process of self improvement using our Let’s Get Driven program.

DAY1, at its present size, requires £100k per year to do its work.  For ten years, we have raised this money from a variety of funders including the National Lottery, Children in Need, Laidlaw Trust, Robertson’s Trust and many more (see www.day1.uk.com for full details).  Setting up a business of our own at IKR gives us more control and hopefully more sustainability on managing our own funding needs.

So, when you spend your hard-earned cash at IKR, it’s not going in to anyone’s pocket, but straight out to support young people in Inverness and the surrounding area who, through no fault of their own, have had a disadvantaged start in life and need a helping hand in getting into the world of work.

Thank you for supporting IKR and DAY1